What one thing are you going to takeaway from today?

What?? One thing? Thank you soooo much to everyone for the sharing of expertise that went on today. I am a baby in the technology field and work in the tertiary sector. I now have a wiki and will probably be able to use glogster by the end of the week. I also feel much more knowledgeable about what our schools' classrooms are up to these days in terms of technology. Again, thank you!
- Jeanette McQuarters, BoPPoly

Firstly, its great to meet and chat with like minded people. I have come away with a number of great apps for the iPad (frotz, toon tastic, photo puppets, i can animate, half tone, show me, autonote) and new ways of integrating the iPad into my classroom programme. Thank you to all involved
Sarah Taylor - Tauranga Primary School

I have come away from a fantastic day of networking and learning, with a much better understanding of e-portfolios, which is exactly what I hoped to gain from the educamp. I was able to hear of the experiences of two different teachers. I have some contacts to follow up on and online material which I can share with colleagues as our school moves toward using e-portolios.
Ann Eastcott, Rotorua Lakes High School.

I will takeaway that the 'Power of the Group' can NEVER be underestimated!
The richness of the discussions that took place with and around me on the day were inspiring.
"Learning from each other, with each other and on behalf of each other".

iPad session 1 - App Harvest.......here's a few of the 30 'new to me' ones that I took away (and downloaded the second I got home,lol)
  • Contraptions (for problem solving and thinking)
  • Incredible Machines (Maths, Problem solving. thinking)
  • Half tone (for creating Comics)
  • I Can Animate (for iPad 2)
  • Type Play (For manipulating and designing fonts)
  • Audi Note (for recording over Photo's/Work in progress/reflection etc - iPad 2)

iPad session 2 - Set up and Admin
These things had an impact on me
  • Look further into iPad cases (particularly for Junior classes) eg. Big Grips (which apparently they are about to sell in Noel Leeming at the same cost $39.95) and iGuy (around $40.00 plus postage)
  • Selwyn Ridge purchasing STM iPad Skinny cases for their iPad 2's for Middle/Senior School - I like the look of these.
  • Check that schools are only charging their ipads for 2 hours (an overnight charge can cause damage to the battery). One school represented had attached a timer (eg Dick Smith/Mitre ten) to the power socket so that they never charged more than 2 hours - great idea.
  • Next operating system due out in September (Matt shared some of the updates which look fantastic eg a change to the 'home' button option so that it appears on the touch screen) .....this leads me to wonder if the iPad 3, which is due out in December apparently, may come out without a 'Home' button or at least a different looking one to the iPad 1 and 2 versions?
  • Matt also discussed the upcoming option to sync wirelessly.....can't wait.
  • We also discussed the ways of using data projector to 'whole class' teach an application or share work in progress etc. Apple TV versus Web Cam, Dongle plug in etc.
Paula Jamieson, E-Learning Advisor, Rotorua Town & Country Cluster and Rotorua Central ICTPD Cluster.

A big thank you to the organisers. I admit I was a bit hesitant as I had been to one in Christchurch and I walked into a room where everyone was very busy and I really didn't know where to go or what to do. So it was thumbs up for having a structure to it that worked really well for me.
Thanks. Kay McKinlay Welcome Bay School